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5 Lifestyle Tweaks You Can Use Today

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We often get asked what “lifestyle tweaks” can be made to optimize wellness.

Here are some simple changes you can integrate into your lifestyle that will go far to support your journey towards better wellbeing. 

  1. Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is critical for health, and will almost always contribute to brighter days. I’ve seen many people make great strides in reducing their anxiety by overcoming their sleep issues.
  2. Be proactive. Don’t wait until something is a problem to address it. As the saying goes: make time for wellness or you’ll be forced to make time for illness. Reading this list is taking a step – keep going!
  3. Practice self-care. It’s being thrown around a lot these days, but self-care is more than just treating yourself to a mani/pedi. It’s also about making hard decisions, such as whom or what is worth your time and energy. Maybe that’s a specific person in real life or on social media, or a pattern of behavior that doesn’t serve you. Edit out those things that don’t enhance your quality of life.
  4. Eat well. The mind-gut connection is real, plus what you ingest become who you are. As an experiment, fill your body with whole, nutritious foods for 30 days (bonus points for cutting alcohol consumption too) and see how it changes your quality of life.
  5. Expand your toolkit. Exercise, meditation, CBD – there are many ways to enhance your wellness naturally. Even when you’re feeling great, discovering a new tool will keep you that way and be ready at the waiting when things aren’t going your way.

And, of course, prioritize your own wellness. You have the responsibility to take care of yourself first before attempting to take care of others. It’s necessary to fill your cup first, then to give to others from the overflow.

Wondering how CBD fits into your lifestyle? Contact us for personalized recommendations and guidance, and discover how nature can expand your wellness toolkit.