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5 Physical Therapist-Approved Tips to Safely Start An Exercise Routine

We wrote earlier this month about how to beat the blues, and exercise plays a prominent role. Plus, with new year resolutions, we’re all trying to pick up some new good habits. But sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start.

So we asked expert Andy McLlarky and his team of physical therapists at Soul Physical Therapy about ways to get started on an exercise routine. Here are their 5 tips to get moving safely:


  • Starting a new routine is hard. Reduce friction by putting it into the schedule for a time you know you can do and commit to.
  • If you’re going to the gym, have it be close to you and have your gym bag by the door so it’s ready to go.


  • If you’re just starting out, don’t think you can workout for an hour multiple times per week. Start out with 2-3x a week for an amount of time you know you can commit to.


  • Bigger movements, that is – start with full-body exercise rather than focusing on specific body parts. This will maximize your efficiency and make the best use of your workout time.
  • Full-body movements – which you’ll notice are focused versions of those movements we do some version of in our daily lives – include:
    • Squats (like when you pick something up off of the ground)
    • Hinge (like when you lean over the table to pick something up)
    • Push (like when you stand up from sitting at a table)
    • Pull (like when you pull yourself up out of the car)
    • Carry (like when you carry groceries into your house)


  • Soreness is normal – it’s all about your body adjusting to new movements/demands. Reduce soreness by doing some light stretching after your workout, and getting some help with muscle and joint-supporting solutions like Kind Lab Rest Balm or Ease Advanced Cream.
  • Prioritize recovery with:
    • SLEEP
      • Sleep is an integral part of both mental and physical recovery. Make sure you’re setting yourself up for success at night by focusing on healthy sleep habits and consider supplements that can help, like Kind Lab Rest Chews.
      • Focus on eating whole foods that fuel your body and are micronutrient dense – think almonds, leafy green vegetables, low fat protein, etc. – that help your body build & recover from your hard work.


  • Often, the biggest challenge is just showing up and getting started, but the more you do it the more likely that habit will stick.
  • If that first step is the hardest, a workout partner can help keep you accountable and consistent.

Use these 5 tips to safely start an exercise routine, and your mind and body will thank you.

You can learn more about Andy, Soul Physical Therapy, and their work on their website, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.