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CBD + CBDa: The Power of Complete-Spectrum Wellness

If you’ve been keeping up with wellness trends, you’re likely familiar with CBD and its wide range of benefits.

Today we want to introduce you to its predecessor, CBDa, and shed light on the advantages of combining both cannabinoids for a complete-spectrum wellness experience.

What is CBDa?

While CBD is the primary ingredient in the majority hemp-derived products, CBDa is also gaining attention for its unique characteristics and potential benefits.

CBDa, or cannabidiolic acid, is the raw, unheated form of CBD found in the hemp plant. When CBDa is exposed to heat or sunlight, it converts into CBD, which is the more commonly known and widely studied cannabinoid.

Raw & Heated Cannabinoids?…

Think about it like the difference between cooked and raw vegetables: both are good for you, but they have different nutritional profiles.

There are times when cooking vegetables is preferred, while at other times, you might opt for raw, juiced vegetables. But what about the occasions when you want the benefits of both?

That’s where complete-spectrum hemp extract comes into play—a potent combination of both raw and heated hemp extracts.

How does CBDa work with my body?

CBD + CBDa = Complete-Spectrum Hemp Extract

CBD and CBDa are two incredible compounds with their own unique qualities, and together they offer a potent and powerful complete-spectrum wellness experience for when you need maximum support.

Our Ease Advanced Concentrate and Ease Advanced Cream products are formulated for maximum efficacy with complete-spectrum extract as well as other beneficial plant-based ingredients, including black seed oil, arnica, and magnesium.

These solutions, like all Kind Lab products, are the result of thorough research and development, harnessing the powers of both heated and unheated cannabinoids along with other carefully selected plant-based ingredients.

At Kind Lab, our goal is to provide you with effective solutions that work in harmony with your body, when you need them the most.

Questions? Contact us – we’re here to help.

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