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CBD + CBDa = Complete-Spectrum Wellness


You’ve heard a lot about CBD and its many wellness benefits. Today, we want to introduce you to its predecessor, CBDa.

CBDa is the “raw” form of CBD. When the plant is exposed to heat or sunlight, CBDa converts to CBD.

While studies suggest CBDa shares similar potential benefits of CBD, CBDa is also being studied for its unique properties.

For example, CBDa has shown promise as a powerful anti-oxidant, which slow the degradation of cells in the body, as well as a potent neuroprotectant. It is also more effective at lower doses, which means you get benefits at lower concentrations. To learn more, scroll down for a helpful video.

CBD + CBDa = Complete-Spectrum Hemp Extract

You can think of it like this: cooked vegetables and raw vegetables are both healthy, but have different nutrition profiles.

Sometimes you cook your veggies, and sometimes you juice. But what about those times you need both? That’s what we call complete-spectrum, our potent combination of both raw and heated hemp extract.

You can find complete-spectrum hemp extract – rich in both CBD and CBDa – in our Ease Advanced Concentrate and Ease Advanced Cream.

Science, research, and development have informed our unique and effective solutions that harness the powers of both heated & unheated cannabinoids, along with other plant-based ingredients, formulated to work with and for your body when you need it the most.

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