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Getting Back to a Fitness Routine

Amanda Nisula Wellness instrutor squatting

Exercise is a very effective stress-reducer, and has many positive benefits on both short- and long-term health & wellness.

With summer coming and COVID restrictions being relaxed, this is a great time for us to come out of our spring shells and get into an exercise routine.

Need some help getting back into yours or creating a new one? We asked Amanda Nisula, owner of Nisula Wellness, for some tips on how to get back into the swing of things. Here’s what she told us:

It’s week 14+/- of quarantine, which is more than enough time to creative new habits and routines.

As the world starts to open up we will slowly start making our way back into our “new normal routine.

Everyone’s will look different and it won’t be exactly the same as before.  Our “new normal” routine will take time to get use to and it certainly will not come easy.

Here are a couple tips and tricks to help you get back into a routine! 

  1. Set a loose schedule – one that you know can and will be altered easily if something unexpected pops up in your day. 
  2. Set an alarm. Our body craves consistency.  Getting those sleep routines back will be a huge help. Don’t hit that snooze button! 
  3. Get back planning & preparing your meals. If you’re going back to work or it’s your summer vacation preparing and planning your meals takes so much stress off your day. If the prepping and planning are done that could add an hour or 2 back to your day for work or social.
  4. Get back to being physically active. If that took a backseat during quarantine, it’s time to get back, and your favorite gym could be opening soon. Many are offering out door classes. For those that too easily “forget” or run out of time to workout, it’s good to get back into the routine of physically going to class when you feel safe to do so.

Need some more help & inspiration? You can find Amanda on Instagram at @theBalancedLife_Momma & @NisulaWellness, and on Facebook at Nisula Wellness.