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It’s Not All in Your Head: Menopause & Your Nervous System

Struggling to put into words how you’re feeling, but knowing your “off”? Lost track of how long you’ve been feeling this way? Wondering if this is your new normal?

Sisters, you aren’t alone.

My grandfather always used to tell me to stay young. But aging is just another word for living. And while gaining all of our life experience, our bodies are changing. It often happens slowly so we may not be able to put our finger on it, but over time, we change.

We can’t turn back the clock, but we can embrace ourselves where we are, and take charge of our own wellness.

Today, we want you to learn about the natural evolution of your body, why it may be behind you’re feelings of being “off”, and what you can do to start regaining your quality of life.

Menopause & Your Nervous System

The average life of a woman 45+ already is already heavy with demands, and now your body’s joining in on the fun.

Menopause can be a lion or a lamb – some women don’t even realize it’s going on, while others feel like they’re going crazy. Either way, you’re experiencing physiological shifts that cause changes in your mind, body, and mood.

This month, we’re talking about menopause and your nervous system.

Headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, forgetfulness, brain fog, depression, difficulty making decisions, loss of concentration, mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, OH MY! These are some of the nervous system-related symptoms that can come up during this time in our lives.

Compounded with unprecedented times, these symptoms can range from irritating to debilitating. And because of unprecedented times, almost everyone is struggling.

And while our bodies will eventually adjust to hormonal changes associated with menopause, this time in our lives often signifies a lot more: we’re moving on to another chapter in our lives.

The emotional impact of that adjustment in perspective can be enough to put the strongest among us in a funk. No one likes to feel like they’ve become irrelevant, invisible, or undeserving of the life they aspire to. Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned by society to believe those as truths. Fortunately, we’re also pretty fed up with that bullshit.

Back to the Garden: Plants for Wellness

For centuries, humans relied on plant-based remedies with the overarching common philosophy that one should work with nature, and that the body’s own healing capacity could be strengthened and complemented by the right plants.

In the 16th century, as worldwide trade channels opened up, remedies became shared across geographies and cultures. Then with the rise of modern, western medicine in the 19th century, many of the philosophies behind the other medical systems were dismissed as superstition. This evolution of thought culminated in the 20th century philosophy of “better living through science”.

Today, we watch smiling, happy people on TV that distract us from a disturbing list of side effects, and we’re understandably weary. The result is a resurgence of interest in plant-based remedies and a more holistic approach to wellness.

Finding Your Balance with Adaptogens & Nootropics

Balance is the key to a happy, healthy life. Our bodies are constantly working to – or homeostatis (physiological balance) – to keep our whole body and mind operating effectively and in sync.

During our time of transition with shifting hormones, regaining balance can make symptoms more manageable. And, of course, there’s a plant for that. In fact, many plants, all of which are classified as adaptogens.

Adaptogens are non-toxic compounds that help the body adapt to mental & physical stress, and restore homeostasis. Hemp is a powerful adaptogen, which is why it’s the common ingredient across all of our products. And we’ve thoughtfully added other adaptogens into our products to create multi-functional solutions formulated to work with and for your body.

For those nervous system-related symptoms of menopause – mood, brain fog, lethargy, stress, etc. – we’re thrilled to tell you about our newest product: Lift Capsules. We’ve combined both adaptogenic (balancing) and nootropic (brain-boosting) plants, including CBD-rich hemp, to support your body’s nervous and adrenal systems so you can excel at life. (learn more about the magic of Lift Capsules)

And for issues sleeping, nighttime restlessness, our Rest Chews are ideal. Formulated with our favorite adaptogen, CBD + CBN-rich hemp, and magnesium, these blueberry-lavender flavored vegan gummy chews can help you both fall and stay asleep.

Your Wellness Toolkit

We wish there was one “silver bullet” that could eliminate the realities of time and chaos of life. But the reality is that there are many options to address your personalized needs, and we should all have a wellness toolkit of resources to pull from to help us live our best lives.

At Kind Lab, we want to help you build your toolkit with potent and powerful plant-based solutions specifically formulated to work with and for your body. In some cases, they may help you overcome your challenge. In others, they lift your baseline enough that you can better cope with your challenges and use other methodologies – such as mindfulness, exercise, or acupuncture – to create a multi-pronged solution that enables you to live the life you deserve.

It’s Not All In Your Head

If you’ve struggled to find a menopause-specific solution for women that addresses nervous system-related issues, it’s because there aren’t many. But necessity is the mother of invention, so as I ranted about seeing erectile dysfunction drugs getting massive government subsidies while women 45+ hid their symptoms out of shame or social pressure, I started my research. They called me crazy, but I couldn’t stand seeing my struggle reflected in the face of so many other women.

Even if menopause isn’t the root cause of your wellness concerns, know that it isn’t all in your head.

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