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All About: Nootropics & Adaptogens

Nootropics & Adaptogens on shelves

You’ve heard of mindfulness training, brain exercises, and meditation. But did you know that nutrition can have an equal impact on your mind?

Enter: nootropics & adaptogens.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are compounds that improve cognitive function, such as memory, creativity, focus, memory recall and mood.

Nootropics exist in both synthetic (manmade, ex. adderall) and natural forms, and both can have positive effects on your mental functioning. Notably, natural nootropics are more widely researched in terms of long-term effects and safety.

What are adaptogens?

The terms adaptogen and nootropic are used somewhat interchangeably. By definition though, adaptogens are non-toxic compounds that help the body adapt to mental & physical stress, and restore homeostasis (physiological balance).

What are some examples?

Natural nootropics and adaptogens are typically derived from plants or fungi. Here are examples:

  1. Saffron improves mood, and supports cognitive function.
  2. Rhodiola balances the secretion of cortisol, supporting the adrenals and your body’s ability to react to and recover from stress. It also increases energy, reduces fatigue, and enhances concentration.
  3. Eleuthero (siberian ginseng) boosts mood, fights fatigue, enables improved concentration, and supports the immune system.

How do nootropics & adaptogens work?

Adaptogens respond to your body’s mental and physical reactions to stress, and help balance these out to a neutral state of “calm” or balance (i.e. homeostasis).

Nootropics provide the brain with the conditions required to work at its maximum potential, meaning neural responses are accelerated and neurotransmitters are optimally balanced.

These natural ingredients can have a compounding effect over time, so generally it’s advised to consume them consistently – via diet or supplements – to encourage the changes to your system and get more noticeable effects.

Do I need both?

When it comes to adaptogens & nootropics, the whole is really greater than the sum of its parts. Combining them creates synergies that balance out their effects. Think about caffeine as a stimulant that could make you anxious, but when combined with hemp extract that makes you calm, you get energy without the jitters.

How do I use nootropics & adaptogens?

We’ve done the work for you with Lift Capsules, blending adaptogen and nootropic plants with hemp extract to give you the energy & focus you need to make it through your day with more productivity, less stress, and increased optimism.