Relief Advanced Concentrate


If Ease Extra Strength Concentrate is like a multi-vitamin, Relief Advanced Concentrate is a prenatal vitamin. This potent concentrate combines raw (CBDa) & heated (CBD) hemp extract for a complete-spectrum of hemp wellness infused into organic black seed oil.

The 1/2oz (15ml) bottle contains contains a unique CBD:CBDa blend totaling 750mg.

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Kind Lab 1/2 oz Relief Advanced CBD:CBDa Concentrate

If Ease Concentrate and Ease Extra Strength Concentrate  are like a multi-vitamins, Relief Advanced Concentrate is a prenatal vitamin.

This concentrated, complete-spectrum raw (CBDa) & heated (CBD) hemp extract is made from hemp grown organically in New England infused into organic black seed oil.

What makes Relief Advanced Concentrate unique is the inclusion of both raw & heated cannabinoids – including both CBD & CBDa – giving it an expanded range of benefits over heated-only (ie. CBD only) options.

Raw & heated results in a substantial increase in hemp-derived cannabinoids & terpenes, complemented by immune-supporting organic black seed oil, for when you need maximum support.

Each 1/2 oz (15ml) bottle contains a unique CBD:CBDa blend totaling 750mg, which is:

  • 50mg CBD:CBDa per 1ml
  • 12.5mg CBD:CBDa per 1/4ml
  • 2.5 mg CBD:CBDa per drop


  • Maximum potency to support more complex wellness concerns
  • It contains both raw & heated cannabinoids – including CBD & CBDa
  • Infused in immune-supporting organic black seed oil
  • Taste is earthy & spice, which most can tolerate but some do struggle – we suggest our spoonful of sugar approach with this concentrate
  • Glass dropper is marked with clear & accurate scale for easy measurement
  • Vegan and all-natural
  • Made with hemp organically grown on a woman-owned farm in Vermont

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You can always contact us with questions.

Instructions for Use & Ingredients

Instructions for Use:

Serving size: 1/4 ml
Servings per container:  60
CBD per serving: 12.5mg
CBDa per serving: 12.5mg

  • Shake the bottle well, place drops under the tongue, hold for 45-60 seconds, then swallow
  • Individual results may vary
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is optimal


Black cumin seed oil*, full-spectrum (raw & heated) hemp extract


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