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The Evolution of Kind Lab Starts Now

I always try to find a silver lining. It doesn’t always happen immediately (everyone’s allowed to wallow, right?) but I do try to frame setbacks in context of what opportunities they open versus what doors they close.

COVID was one of those silver lining seeking times.

I had to close my retail store and quickly pivot to ecommerce only while worrying I so much about my customers that I knew were using my products for pain, sleep, anxiety, etc. and how the impacts of quarantine may have affected their challenges.

What I learned is that my customers’ experiences were similar to mine: the need to take much larger than normal quantities to achieve the same effects, an increase in daytime anxiety & depression and nighttime sleep disturbances, and body pain associated with both internalized stress and a spike in sedentary living.

So I got to work evolving Kind Lab products to meet our “new normal” needs. I created new formulas using a range of quality, ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients for multi-pronged solutions, focused on developing products that work for women 45+, and doubled down on my commitment to supporting women and minority owned companies.

From that work came the need for new visual identity for Kind Lab.

I wanted the brand to reflect Kind Lab’s dedication to plant-based solutions using ethically sourced ingredients with formulas created to work for women and developed by women.

And I wanted a brand that looked cool. As a woman 45+, I am very familiar with the feeling of becoming invisible. And I know you women 45+ like me – we’re still here! And we want brands that speak to us, not our daughters, with solutions made specifically for our challenges, not those of millennials.

So sisters, this new Kind Lab is truly for us.

I’m so excited for our new look! It’s been a long and difficult road (as birthing any new idea is) but the phoenix that is Kind Lab is rising so much higher than I had dared to hope, and I know you’ll love it too.

Stay tuned!…