She could be at the apex of her career or just entering the workforce, a new mother or grandmother, married or single – we don’t have a box, and maybe that’s part of what makes companies shy away: we’re too much work and the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

It doesn’t help that in an age-obsessed society, women are either young or irrelevant. The marketing sweet spot for brands is ages 18-34, and the message is: if you’re not a millennial (or younger), we don’t see you.

But we’re still here. And we know – and want – better.

There’s a gap between solutions I’d buy for my teenage daughter and for my parents, and my wants and needs fall into that gap. And that’s why I founded Kind Lab. I wanted a brand that spoke directly to me, offered solutions that met my needs, and shared my values of natural, plant-based living and social & environmental consciousness.

At Kind Lab, when we talk about supporting women through all stages of life, we’re bridging that gap and offering women opportunities to maintain their quality of life, while understanding that health and wellness priorities shift with nature and time.

Our potent and powerful natural solutions are formulated to work with and for your 40+ body. Solutions made with quality, ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients. Solutions that you can share with your children, partner, or parents. Solutions that meet you where you are, and help you continue to live the full and healthy life you deserve.

Women, we see you.

And we’re here for you.

My Story

Necessity is the mother of invention. Stressed out to the point of insomnia and crumbling under the demands of being a business executive, mother, wife, and caregiver, I spent my nights imagining horrific things that *might* (not) happen with no respite. I tried everything from NyQuil to wine, all leaving me with a headache and fuzzy head in the morning at best.

I wouldn’t ask for help, because I felt like I was complaining, and knew my doctor would just prescribe pills that I didn’t want to take.

A friend finally convinced me to try cannabis. I had the best night’s sleep in months, and was clear headed and focused the next day.

That experience was a huge life turn for me, and I’ve since educated myself on science behind cannabis and worked to create solutions for other problems – from pain to anxiety – with hemp extract and other plant-based ingredients. Those creations are what I offer through Kind Lab. I hope they enhance your wellness as they have for me & my family.

signature of Kind Lab founder, Angela

Thank you for joining the Kind Lab movement to bring light to natural solutions, encourage women to say “yes” to prioritizing their own wellness, and make better living through nature accessible.

The Kind Lab Commitment

Kind Lab is a Plant-Based Radical Wellness Company

Kind Lab is a plant-based radical wellness company. Our potent and effective plant-based solutions are for women who choose to prioritize their wellness.

For women, by women.

Everything we do is by women for women. All products are vegan and cruelty free, we use organically grown and certified organic ingredients, and our hemp is sourced from women-owned hemp farms.

Ethically Sourced & Third Part Tested

Our products are formulated  with quality, ethically sourced, CBD-rich hemp extract and plant-based ingredients, and are third party tested for purity & potency.

We get you because we are you.