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At some point, everyone finds themselves not feeling their best emotionally or physically.

CBD-rich hemp decreases stress and tension in the mind & body so you can move forward.

To help revitalize yourself with CBD, here’s our advice.

If we ask you about your areas of concern and you:

Point to one spot on your body, a topical is best.

Point to multiple spots on your body, then a combination of topical and edible is best.

Point to multiple spots on your body and have an underlying condition or additional issue that’s causing concern, then a combination of topical and edible is best.

You likely have emotional stress that may or may not be manifesting in your body, and an edible is best.

The goal is to feel your best where you are today today.



You, relieved.
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You, at ease.
CBD-Rich Hemp Extract

Ease Chews

You, easier.
CBD + Elderberry


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With topical products, look for multi-functional formulas that make it best for your specific issue:
• For joints, look for arnica.
• For muscles, nerves and tendons, look for magnesium.
• For skin, look for calendula or create your own solution.
• For more serious issues & hands, look for fast-absorbing creams.

With edible/ingestible products:
• For ease of use, gummy chews and capsules are great options as they come in pre-dosed servings.
• For flexibility and cost-effectiveness, oil concentrates are a great option.

Still have questions? Take our product quiz or contact us – we’re here to help.

Use your topical product as much as needed to get the desired effects, and keep in mind that effects can be cumulative.

Using daily while your issue is active will give you the best results – keep it by your bedside and apply nightly if that’s an easy way for you to remember.

If your issue has a trigger – like a stiff back in the morning or sore knee after a run – be proactive and use your product before it happens. For example, with morning stiffness, apply your product 5-10 minutes before you get out of bed, giving it time to activate and helping make your mornings more comfortable.

There are a few approaches to using CBD edibles that we discuss here, but what we usually recommend is that:
• If your issue is mild to moderate, start with a traditional dosing approach.
• If your issue is severe, start with a micro-dosing approach during the day.
• If your issue is severe or related to an underlying condition, take nightly to max out.

Maxing out is our own variation that we recommend to those with more challenging issues. The concept here is to take the largest dose tolerated at night, when the side effect of sleepiness is not a barrier, to get maximum benefits from the CBD-rich hemp.

To max out, start with 1/2 a serving size and slowly increase your nightly dose – for example, adding one drop – every night until you wake up feeling “foggy”. Once that happens, decrease to the previous, lower dose and stay there. What we’re doing with this approach getting you up to the maximum dose your body can process so you get the most benefits while waking up feeling refreshed.

Be patient & consistent. Depending on the severity of your issue(s), it could take a few uses or days to feel the benefits. But that time will pass anyway, so why not use it to start feeling better?

Look for incremental improvements along the way – like waking up feeling less achy, not having to compensate for any movement or activities, and being able to start doing what you love again.

CBD is not like a vitamin in that the effects are hard to quantify. If you’re taking the right product in the right amount at the right time, you should start moving better.

Remember that it probably took a while to get where you are now. Your patience & consistency will pay off when you start feeling better.

Once you feel like you have things under control, you can determine how you want to adapt your regimen.

Some people continue using/taking the products daily because they need or want to, while others find they can transition to using them as-needed.

If you do transition to as-needed, be mindful of triggers – for example, any movements or activities that may aggravate – and use the products before and after to keep feeling your best.

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