Stress Strategies

CBD-Rich Hemp for Stress Relief

Stress gets the best of us sometimes. But if that sometimes is becoming too often, it’s time to get some relief.

All CBD-rich hemp has the natural ability to help reduce stress, but products you ingest (ex. concentrates, capsules, and gummy chews) will do more to move the needle than a balm or cream.

If you’re not sure about ingesting CBD just yet, try Rest Balm – it combines CBD with magnesium to relax tension in the body that could be keeping you from relaxing.

If you’re ready to try an ingestible product for stress, read on.

Strategies for the stressed:

• If your daytime stress is mild to moderate, start with a traditional dosing approach.
• If your daytime stress is severe, start with a micro-dosing approach.
• If your stress is more of an issue at night, read our sleep advice.

CBD Dosing

Traditional dosing: this method means that you’ll be taking larger doses less frequently, or even as-needed. For this approach, use the serving size on the product label as a starting point, and go up/down in quantity as needed.

Micro-dosing: this method means you’ll be taking smaller doses more frequently. For this approach, use half of the serving size on the product label as a starting point, and increase by that same amount every hour until desired effects are achieved. Once achieved, add up how much you’ve taken so far, and use that as a starting point to transition to traditional dosing. Or, you can continue using the micro-dosing approach, increasing and decreasing each dose to adjust to your day.

The goal is to start feeling more calm. The definition of calm is “not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions.” We add that definition because often people who are stressed often haven’t felt calm in so long that they confuse it with being sleepy. Calm does not mean sleepy.

Calm Not Sleepy

However, a side effect of taking too much CBD is sleepiness, so if you’re going beyond calm and getting sleepy when you don’t want to be, take less next time.

Because of the sleepiness side effect, consider starting out when you don’t have any pressing activities (for example, on a day off from work) so if you find yourself yawning, it’s not a nuisance.

If sleepiness continues to be a problem using the traditional dosing approach, you can switch to or stay on the micro-dosing approach.

Know that CBD is not like a vitamin in that the effects are hard to quantify. If you’re taking the right product in the right amount at the right time, you should feel less stress & more calm.

Finding a Long-Term CBD Routine That Works For You

Once you feel like you have a handle on your stress, you can determine how you want to adapt your regimen. Some people continue taking the products daily because they need or want to, while others find they can transition to taking them as needed.

Be patient & consistent and you’ll start chipping away at the stress that’s been chipping away at you.

Enjoy the emotional and physical health benefits of reduced stress, and elevate your quality of life.


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