CBD for Mood & Energy


You deserve to be happy.

Sometimes the chaos of life gets the best of us.

CBD-rich hemp helps balance your mind & body so you can thrive again.

Strategies to ease stress and lift your mood.

To get started, here’s our advice:

Start with a regular strength product using the traditional dosing approach.

Start with an extra strength product (if applicable) using micro-dosing approach.

Head over to our CBD for Sleep page for PM-specific stress management support.

The goal is to feel calm and uplifted.



You, at ease.
CBD + Tart Cherry Extract


You, happier.
CBD + CBG + Saffron


You, at ease.
CBD-Rich Hemp Extract


You’ll feel the difference with Lift Capsules for brighter days and Ease Chews for peaceful nights.


The best product is the one your most likely to take, because no product can help you if it’s just sitting in your cabinet.

A few suggestions:

  • If you want a simple solution, try a Chew or Capsule.
  • If you’re hesitant to try an ingestible product and want more control over your dosing, try a Concentrate.
  • If you’d prefer not to ingest anything, try a Balm or Roll-On.

We’ve got our best stress-relieving & mood-boosting products below.

Still have questions? Take our product quiz or contact us – we’re here to help.

The goal of CBD for stress is to help you feel calm.

The definition of calm is “not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions.” We add that definition because often people who are stressed often haven’t felt calm in so long that they confuse it with being sleepy. Calm does not mean sleepy.

If you are getting sleepy when you don’t want to be, try lowering your dose.

If you carry a lot of stress in your body – tightness in the jaw, tense shoulders, an achy back – then a topical can be a great solution. We’ve got our best stress-relieving topicals below.

Be patient & consistent. Depending on the severity of your issue(s), it could take a few uses or days and up to a few weeks to feel the benefits. But that time will pass anyway, so why not use it to start feeling better?

Look for incremental improvements along the way – like being able to respond to stress more easily, having a more positive outlook, and finding joy in your day again.

CBD is not like a vitamin in that the effects are hard to quantify. If you’re taking the right product in the right amount at the right time, you should start moving better.

Remember that it probably took a while to get where you are now. Your patience & consistency will pay off when you start feeling better.

Once your making it through your days more gracefully, you can determine how you want to adapt your regimen.

Some people continue using/taking the products daily because they need or want to, while others find they can transition to using them as-needed.

If you do transition to as-needed, be mindful of triggers – for example, any people, situations, or environments that cause you stress – and use the products before and after to keep feeling your best.

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