Happy Bundle

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You, uplifted and at ease.

Kick daytime sadness, stress, and lethargy to the curb. We’ve bundled Lift CBD + CBG + Adaptogen Capsules and Ease CBD + Tart Cherry Chews so you can enjoy happy, calm, and productive days. Add on our Lift Lip Balm to boost your day by helping curb cravings and reduce stress-eating!

Maximum benefits are felt after 30 days, so take Lift Capsules daily and Ease Chews & Lift Lip Balm as needed for a brighter you.

Lift CBD Lip Balm

Add this lip balm to moisturize while boosting mood and willpower for the perfect daytime trio.

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Kind Lab Happy CBD Bundle includes:


Lift CBD + CBG + Adaptogens Capsules

You, uplifted.

Lifts your mood, clears your mind, and energizes your body.

Clear skies are ahead – say “hello” to a more focused, positive, and productive you.

Lift Capsules combine 10mg CBD and 10mg of stimulating CBG from organically grown, broad-spectrum hemp extract with uplifting saffron, stress-relieving rhodiola, and energizing siberian ginseng for a balanced, mood-boosting experience. These adaptogen-packed Capsules offer best results when take daily and with full benefits felt after 30 days, which means you’re only a few weeks away from a happier you.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

Ease 10mg CBD + Tart Cherry Chews

You, at ease.

Wellness support you can take day or night.

Stress, sleep, body, and more – Ease Chews are a delicious multi-purpose solution.

Suitable for day & night, these Chews are a popular “all-purpose” solution for those looking to elevate their wellness.

Each vegan gummy chew contains 10mg CBD from organically grown full-spectrum hemp extract plus tart cherry to boost its benefits to your mind and body.

Each jar contains 30 chews.

Lift Moisturizing & Munchie-Stopping Lip Balm

You, brighter.

Boosts your mood and your willpower.

Say “goodbye” to chapped lips and curb sugar cravings with Lift Lip Balm.

The vegan, CBD-rich full-spectrum hemp extract-infused lip balm keeps the lips healthy, moisturized, and supple. And its bright, citrusy blend of essential oils – including pink grapefruit and yuzu – boost your mood and your willpower.

The .13 oz lip balm contains 25mg CBD from broad-spectrum hemp extract.

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