2022 Guide to Thrive

this is our year.

Take control of 2022 with our Guide to Thrive.

We can all agree that 2022 needs to be better.
Here’s how to get started.

“In 2022, I will be…”

Well, that year could have gone better. Let’s get you set up for success.

Our HAPPINESS BUNDLE will help you kick daytime sadness, stress, and lethargy to the curb so you can enjoy happy, calm, and productive days heading into 2022.

If only figuring out how to use CBD to feel better could be easy. Wait a minute…

Our EASY BUNDLE is a simple, beginner-friendly option to get you started (or keep you going) on your plant-based wellness journey so you can glide into 2022 with ease.

Sick of being up all night tossing & turning only to feel like you’re rising from the crypt every morning?

Our REST BUNDLE with CBD + magnesium helps you get the rest you need. Fall asleep comfortably, wake up feeling refreshed, and embrace a well-rested you in 2022.


Give the gift of health & happiness with a Kind Lab digital gift card that they can use to buy products that are right for them.

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