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Angela x BossTown

Kind Lab's Angela Arena on BossTown

Kind Lab founder Angela talks with host Cassandra Arsenault of BossTown, which tells the stories of Boston area women at the top of their game.

Watch it now.

From the BossTown website:

“Angela is a bad-ass woman. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Her business not only owned by her, but only carries products by other women and minority owned-businesses. Her hemp is sourced from a women owned hemp farm in Vermont. You are one hundred percent supporting local women when you buy from Kind Lab.

Angela is a recovering corporate employee. She burnt herself out to the max to the point where she had extreme insomnia. That’s when she gave hemp and marijuana a chance. It cured her sleep deprivation, and she began learning everything she could about marijuana. Angela quickly realized the stigma surrounding the plant was all wrong in her experience. Now she’s dedicated to sharing what she has learned to help other women better their lives through Kind Lab.

Angela’s main message is that as women we are often guilty of letting our wellness slip, and if you can’t fill your own cup, then you can’t fill anyone else’s either.

Her biggest challenge is running her business on a stigma that surrounds cannabis products. Not only that but constantly changing regulations, can throw a wrench into her day at the drop of a dime. But her survival skills have proven over and over again that she’s a boss and will prevail.”

Watch it now.