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Concerned About Taste? Try These Tricks!

drizzle of honey

Interested in trying CBD-rich hemp oils, tinctures, or concentrates but concerned about the taste?

Here’s how to make your hemp more palatable.

One option is taking the “spoonful of sugar” approach: drip a little honey onto a spoon then mix in your hemp extract concentrate or oil before placing it under your tongue. This approach has helped many of our customers tolerate the Ease Advanced Concentrate – our most potent & subsequently strong-tasting product – more easily.

Another option is to experiment with food-safe flavorings. We’ve had customers tell us they add a little flavor extract – like lemon, peppermint, or vanilla – to our Ease Concentrates. It makes the hemp go down in a more delightful way.

And, of course, you can always add to food or drink. A couple of things to keep in mind when doing this are that you need to take a little more than with the under-the-tongue method to compensate for decreased absorption/bioavailability, and always add the CBD-rich hemp extract after cooking (i.e. don’t expose to >200F, which is higher than hot food you would eat/drink) so its potency isn’t affected. Also, when using an oil-based CBD product, remember that it won’t completely blend into water-based beverages like coffee or tea.

Taste should not be a barrier to feeling your best! Use one of these strategies and start your journey towards elevated wellness with Kind Lab.

Looking for more guidance? Contact us – we’re here to help!