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Meet the Founder: Betsy Scanlan of The Good Patch

Betsy Scanlan of The Good Patch smiling, blonde hair

Introducing CEO & Founder of The Good Patch, Betsy Scanlan

Kind Lab: Please introduce yourself.

Betsy: Hi, my name is Betsy Scanlan and I am the CEO and co-founder of The Good Patch. I live in Nashville, Tennessee and have been married to Bill for over 20 years (second husband). I have 3 biological children and my sister’s child (ages 24-33).Kingsley is in the music business as an audio engineer, John works for the the State of Tennessee in TDOT, Kate works at an agency as a UI/UX designer, and Logan is getting her masters in Psychology. I go back and forth between LA (where most of the team is) and Nashville.

Kind Lab: What inspired you to start The Good Patch?

Betsy: I was already working on CBD products to help mitigate the side effects of Chemo and Radiation. I have been/am the primary caregiver for some of my family members that had/have cancer.

I live in Nashville and Tennessee does not allow medical marijuana, so I worked with what I could access: CBD. 

My ex-sister-in-law (co-founder, Kelly Brock) called me and asked if I was interested in creating products with her and her long-term friend (co-founder, David Nicholson). 

Kelly and I were married (and were both divorced) to/from brothers. Great guys.

Kelly and David had been in the natural day spa business for over 20 years and had a ton of experience with products and customers and the beauty/wellness space. I understand ingredients, CBD and the formulations that I thought would best suit the market.

We decided to create patches to address their customer’s needs. The most common issues were sleep, anxiety, overindulging side effects and pain. We decided to create two lines: one with CBD and additional ingredients, and one without CBD for the more traditional market. 

CBD is natural and powerful and the newest thing on the market. It does not get one “high”. It is an amazing component of a plant that brings about “balance” to the human body. It’s the perfect antidote to these anxious times. 

There has been a lot of (mis)information out there and we hope that we can continue to educate. 

Our target market is women – who are typically open to alternative ideas. I believe that is one of the main reasons why we have been successful 

Our customers buy what reflects what they think is natural, beautiful and fast acting. 

Customers have told us that they were drawn to our product because of the branding and the packaging. Our packaging says exactly what the product does. 

Our company consists of 85% women. So, we feel like we get what women want and need. We continue to listen so we can iterate and create new products satisfy those needs.

Kind Lab: How are the patches different than a topical balm or salve?

Betsy: We chose the patches because we loved the fact that they are the fastest acting delivery system, other than vaping. They work up to 12 hours.

We had no idea how difficult making patches would be (good thing)! 

Our customers love the fact that our patches are so discrete and that they can be removed when one wants to stop the effect. 

Kind Lab: What made you decide to use hemp in your patches?

Betsy: We decided to use hemp because of the amazing results that we had seen in clients as well as the anecdotal testimonies that what we were doing was helping others with their discomfort in all of their daily activities.

Kind Lab: Which CBD patch is your favorite? 

Betsy: I don’t drink, smoke, am 60 yrs old  – so, some of the patches do not apply to me. However, my two favorite patches are – actually, the three patches that I use the most are The Nite NIte (I get a deep, restful sleep), The Be Calm (actually helps when I have to get up and talk in a group) and The B12Awake (because I work all the time and can only drink 1ish cup of coffee a day – I usually use this late afternoon).