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New Year, New You Panel Recap

New Year, New You Panel group of women sitting down

Growth begins when you step out of your comfort zone.

Thanks to our amazing panel of speakers at last night’s New Year, New You event! Beverly is still buzzing from the amazing energy of 5 women sharing their top 3 tips about finance, B2B, business strategy, branding/design, and social media to a group of people preparing to launch or expand their business.

1. Be authentic. Your brand reflects who you are, and your mission & messaging will be more consistent if you stay true to yourself.
2. Have boundaries. Your brand may reflect you, but it is not you. Step away, pivot, and – when needed – use the “block” button to maintain your peace.
3. Know your value. Your time & expertise are worth money. Don’t give your skills away, and value the contributions of others. Because @ladiesgetpaid.

We appreciate the speakers donating their time to the event, which enabled us to raise over $150 for @dressforsuccessboston.

Let’s pull up a chair to our own table in 2020. Go out and crush your goals. We’ve got your back!

Panelists: @mollymerluzzi @themmdifference @rivetingbroads

And resources recommended here: @ladiesgetpaid @girlboss @legalzoom