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Women, we see you.

Women, we see you. And we're her for you.

Do you remember the first time you felt invisible?

Maybe it was when someone said you were “being dramatic” about pre-menopause symptoms. When all the models in a magazine were young enough to be your children. Or a shopkeeper called you “ma’am”.

Being a woman isn’t easy. Society tells us if we don’t fit into a specific box, our value decreases.

For example, the marketing sweet spot for brands striving to be “relevant” is ages 18-34, and their branding and products reflect that range. The message is: if you’re not a millennial (or younger), we don’t see you.

But I’m over 40, and I’m still here.

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There’s a gap between solutions I’d buy for my teenaged daughter and for my parents, and my wants and needs fall into that gap. And that’s why I founded Kind Lab. I wanted a brand that spoke directly to me, offered solutions that met my needs, and shared my values of natural living & social consciousness.

At Kind Lab, when we talk about supporting women through all stages of life, we’re bridging that gap and offering women opportunities to maintain their quality of life while understanding that health and wellness priorities shift with our changing biology.

We’re also trying to break the stigma around menopause, and educate how healthcare needs to be more inclusive of women not only in context of reproduction, but also in the male-centric approach to healthcare that usually doesn’t consider how women’s health – from susceptibility to certain health challenges to effects of medications – differs from men’s and warrants attention.

And there is truth to “representation matters”. By focusing branding and messaging on to our peers, we’re also sending a message to younger women that you don’t go from 34 to “cute little old lady” (don’t get me started on that saying…). There’s womanhood in between, and it’s an important & valuable time of life.

Women over 40 are anything but cookie cutter.

Between ages 40-60, she could be at the apex of her career or just entering the workforce, a new mother or grandmother, married or single – we don’t have a box, and maybe that’s part of what makes companies shy away: we’re too much work so they think the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. But we know – and want – better.

Kind Lab is here with potent and powerful natural solutions formulated to work with and for a woman’s body. Solutions made with quality, ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients. Solutions that you can share with your children, partner, or parents. Solutions that meet you where you are, and help you continue to live the full and healthy life you deserve.

Women, we see you.

And we’re here for you.

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