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How to Beat Burnout

If the past few weeks have left you feeling physically or emotionally overwhelmed, we see you.

The start of the new school year always brings a wave of stress, even to those not returning. Maybe work is kicking back into gear after summer vacations, you’re dealing with a longer commute because of traffic changes, or (like me) you’ve sent your first baby off to college.

And now you’re feeling burned out.


Sometimes, feelings leading to burnout aren’t obvious. What becomes apparent is a lack of motivation, sense of personal achievement, and feelings of fulfillment that can create a sense of deep hopelessness.

Here’s are some of the driving factors behind burnout and how they may be making you feel:

Emotional exhaustion:

  • trouble concentrating
  • being easily angered or irritated
  • getting sick often
  • feeling sluggish or lacking energy

Depersonalization (feeling disconnected from your own thoughts & emotions):

  • Feeling alone or isolated
  • Resenting your workload, family, or colleagues
  • Feeling like you don’t care anymore

Reduced sense of self-fulfillment:

  • Your ability to perform decreases and you blame yourself
  • You stop believing in yourself
  • You negatively evaluate your purpose or worth
  • You have low self-esteem


If you’ve read this far, then something above sounded familiar to you. Use that knowledge – when you have those feelings, step back to check in with yourself and see what you need to change.

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Take some time to reflect on how you’ve been feeling, and take a rest from those emotions/people/things/places that may have contributed.
  2. Remember those circumstances have brought you to where you are. Your feelings of hopelessness, cynicism, negativity, etc. – they are not who you are, and they are not permanent.
  3. Understand that burnout may be affect your judgement and ability to make decisions. Step back and take pause to reevaluate so you have a clear mindset.

Burnout is your mind & body telling you that you can’t go on the way you’re living now, and that you don’t have the resources to cope with everything you have going on.

Use the knowledge and ideas above to help you identify and overcome those things that are causing your burnout, and start living the life you deserve.

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