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DIY Skincare: Infused Body Oil

woman with red natural hair, freckles

Love the skin you’re in.

One of my favorite quarantine pastimes was taking blowtorch-hot showers (actually, that’s always one of my favorite pastimes).

But as good as they feel, they wreak havoc on my skin. As the sun started coming out this June, I noticed my skin – especially my upper arms – was scaly, ashy, and covered with chicken bumps.

Skin imperfections are part of being human, but when they start itching, cracking, and causing a ruckus, it’s time for them to go.

So I mixed up this skin-soothing body oil. I’ve been using it diligently after ever shower for a few weeks now, and what a difference it’s made! My skin is moisturized and the bumps & discoloration on my upper arms are nearly gone.

Here’s the recipe:

Pour off a little of the base oil to make room for the hemp extract, pour in the hemp extract and add the optional essential oils, shake well, and apply liberally.

It’s super easy and very effective. Let us know how it works for you!