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Day to Night Oil Concentrate CBD Solutions

Your Guide to Day to Night Solutions

Your Day to Night Oil Concentrate CBD Guide

Looking to use hemp extract to manage stress in the mind & body, lift your mood, or support better sleep?

We’re here for you with CBD solutions that take you from day to night. Our oil-based concentrates infuse organically grown, CBD-rich hemp extract into organic oils. You use these by droppy

Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate options and get started with a solution that meets your needs & helps you discover better living through nature:

Daytime CBD

Ease 500mg Regular Strength Concentrate (USDA certified organic) has 16mg/ml of CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract in organic MCT coconut oil, so you get the calming & balancing effects of hemp extract at a lower dose, which is great for those that are more sensitive to CBD and/or new to CBD for wellness.

Day or Night CBD

Ease 1,500mg Extra Strength Concentrate (USDA certified organic) has 50mg/ml of CBD from full-spectrum in organic MCT coconut oil. It’s higher concentration means a little goes a long way. Take less during the day to avoid sleepiness and more at night to get your zzzz’s.

Nighttime CBD

Ease Advanced Concentrate has 50mg/ml of CBD & CBDa each for a total of 100mg/ml from complete-spectrum hemp extract, which contains host of additional raw & heated cannabinoids in immune-boosting organic black seed oil. With the combination of raw & heated, this is our most potent solution for complex wellness challenges.

Getting Started with CBD

Shake the bottle well, measure out a serving size (noted on the label), place the drops under your tongue, hold for 45 seconds then swallow.

If you’re sleepy when you don’t want to be, take a little less. If you need more support, take a little more.

With a little time & patience, you’ll dial into the right amount for you.

Generally, the taste of our concentrates are well tolerated, but if it’s an issue for you we have some ideas.

To learn more about the benefits of CBD-rich hemp, visit our How to Hemp page. And please reach out with any questions – we’re here to support you.