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Health Is More Than The Absence Of Illness

Health is more than the absence of illness.

Why Your Health Is Important In More Ways Than One

Staying healthy is everyone’s priority now, so understanding what makes & keeps our minds and bodies healthy is key.

Health is more than simply the absence of illness or disease. There are physical, mental, and social aspects that comprise a bigger picture.

Here are some tips from experts to get you started on big-picture wellness with a focus on boosting your immune system through nutrition, exercise, and stress & sleep management:

NUTRITION with Samantha of Samantha May Wellness

I think it’s fair to say that everyone is interested in supporting their immune system right now. It’s true that there are certain nutrients, such as Vitamins A, C, D, and minerals like zinc and selenium, that are a vital part of this support, however, these are not magic pills!

If you are not already eating a healthy diet the majority of the time, supplementing with these nutrients is pointless.

Samantha May

The best way to get these particular immune supporting elements is through actual food because those foods will contain other nutrients needed to actually allow your body to USE those vitamins and minerals properly.

So, what does a “healthy” diet mean? I’m glad you asked!

  1. Consume mostly whole foods that include some protein, some carbohydrates, healthy fats, and a wide, colorful variety of vegetables. This is how you get all those immune support nutrients as well as all the others that keep your body happy and healthy.
  2. Minimize added sugar, processed vegetable oils, alcohol, caffeine, and any other factory-made food. These all cause inflammation in the body and make your immune system work so hard that it’s already too tired to deal with any virus that may come along.
  3. Drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water per day. Water helps regulate your body temperature, moves all those nutrients through the body so they get where they need to be and moves all the waste out.

Without starting here first, nutritional supplements are doing nothing but wasting your money and your hope for a healthy body. Create a healthy base with food-based nutrition, and build from there.

EXERCISE with Amanda the Balanced Life Momma

The quarantine has put a big kink into most of our daily routines: school, work, social outings, and not to mention our fitness routines.

Amanda Nisula

Fitness routine is extremely important to mental and physical health! Since being quarantined my workouts and routine has changed – big time! Which I’m sure is the same for most of you!

Not one of the lucky ones that has that basement or garage gym? That’s OK! Here’s why: not all exercises has to be in a gym with equipment! A simple run, walk, heck a dance party in the kitchen with your kiddos while you’re cooking dinner is great!

No matter what the activity is as long as that heart rate is up and that blood is pumping you’re going to feel 100% better after! Here are some simple tips to keep moving & feeling your best while at home:

1. Routine: No it’s not going to be like your routine previous, and maybe some days it won’t be perfect, because really who’s is?! A routine helps us stay grounded, motivated and organized. A routine gives us a little something to control when we don’t have any control of the events happening around us.

2. Nutrition: Whole Foods, lots of colors! Lean proteins, lots of veggies, complex carbohydrates and colorful fruit. Let’s not forget about water! Water keeps us hydrated, energized, regulates our temperature and flushes our body of waste. We always feel as if those cookies, fast food or alcohol will make us feel better and yes maybe in the moment it might but after we usually feel the opposite effects.

3. Movement: This doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t even have to be long! 15 to 20 mins of some sort of blood pumping movement will make you feel 100x better! If your into running. Get out there! Walking? Awesome! Dancing? Then turn up the music! Have kiddos? Let them join either as your partner or your weights! Your movement does not have to be picture perfect because something is better than nothing!

I said above I was going to give you my top three tips but I feel as though the 4th tip is just as important as my first three. My fourth is laughter! It certainly does a body good. Laugh with your family, or  friends via FaceTime or zoom. Laugh at a show or a movie… just laugh!

STRESS & SLEEP MANAGEMENT with Angela of Kind Lab

Many people are struggling with stress and sleep right now, so if you’re someone trying to manage anything from a rise in daytime agitation to an inability to fall or stay asleep at night, know you’re not alone.

Angela Arena

And you’re doing the right thing by looking for solutions. Stress and sleep play key roles in our overall health.

Stress in excess can negatively affect your mind and body, from head and body aches, fatigue, and stomach upset to sadness, irritability, and restlessness. These effects cause negative behaviors, such as over/undereating, misuses of drugs/alcohol, and social withdrawal. And longer term, stress is known to cause major health issues include obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure. So management is key.

Sleep is often a victim with excess stress as well. Lack of or poor quality sleep makes our immune system less effective, leaving you more likely to get sick and/or having a harder time recovering. Lack of sleep can also cause forgetfulness, impaired judgement, and sadness. Long term, it also carries serious health implications including doubling the risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

So what’s a stressed out/non-sleeping person to do? In addition to exercising regularly and eating well:

  1. See the light. Daylight that is. Natural sunshine (or bright indoor light) is known can decrease stress and sadness. Morning exposure is also shown to improve sleep at night. With schedules so off from the “normal”, it could be that the daylight will also help calibrate your circadian rhythm. If you can’t get outside, consider investing in a light therapy device.
  2. Get a routine. In addition to finding time to exercise and meal prep, come up with a stress or bedtime routine. During the day, learn to identify and step away from stress triggers using deep breathing to refocus. At night, set a curfew on screens and add relaxing activities like aromatherapy or a bath to help wind down.
  3. Try CBD. Sometimes you need a little help to get you to the point where you can help yourself. Or you’ve exhausted other options, and need support now. CBD-rich hemp extract has powerful stress relieving and sleep supporting benefits. Plus, it’s natural and easy to integrate into your days & nights. See below for some of our best-sellers for stress & sleep, and contact us if you have any questions or need help getting started.

This pandemic is like living in an existential waiting room, and we really don’t know what’s coming or how we’re going to come out of this. One thing we can control is how we’re managing through it, and taking charge of our health & wellness so we can be best prepared to react and adapt to whatever comes next.

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