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Meet the Muse: Anne Gilbride of Serenity

Serenity Muse Anne Gilbride, hands in air

Introducing Kind Lab Serenity Muse Anne Gilbride

Kind Lab: Please introduce yourself. 

Anne: Hi, my name is Dr. Anne Gilbride D.C. I am a practicing yogi and Chiropractor in Marblehead MA.

Kind Lab: How did you find yoga? What does the practice of yoga mean to you?

Anne:  I found yoga while completing my Doctorate in the mid/late 90’s. I came to yoga as a retired division 1  athlete. Initially I found yoga was a great way to stretch my body. What I discovered was that it really started to stretch my mind and spirit. The more I practiced the more I noticed my stress level in doctorate program began to diminish. 

Kind Lab: What are a few ways you maintain emotional balance throughout your daily life?

Anne: Yoga changed the way I live my life. It taught me to slow down and just breathe! By working to control and work the breathe it allows “space between thoughts” which in turn creates a certain peace and harmony both in body and relationship with self and others. What a gift! Inhale count of 4…hold count of 4…exhale count of 4. 

Another technique I use daily is a Buddhist idea…that I control both my thoughts and my reaction to those same thoughts….helps me to be accountable when my thoughts manifest actions

Kind Lab: What are 3 things people can do to be more present in their lives?

Anne:  In order to be more present in your life…

  1. Do one thing a day that brings you joy! 
  2. Give yourself permission to rest! We all allow ourselves to work hard but we often feel like rest is a guilty pleasure.
  3. Kids and pets are fantastic examples of sentient beings being present….spend some time with them!