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Top 5 Ways Plants Bring You Serenity

Cheryl Rafuse of Plant Magic

5 Reasons to Add Plants into your Home Right Now

Hello! I’m Cheryl Rafuse, founder of Plant Magic Shop, indoor gardener, green witch, Reiki practitioner, and certified herbalist. I explore plant energy and plants as art in my plantscaping designs. I believe houseplants can change a space and help you set intentions in your practice

When forming the perfect at-home meditation space you simply MUST think about creating an indoor jungle for yourself. Plants can bring so much joy, satisfaction, and literally cleanse your air. Even if it’s just a little mini forest on your window sill plants can help create a calm nothing else comes close to replicating. Here are a few ways plants can bring you serenity and the chill AF vibes you’re craving.

1. Plants provide the FRESHEST of air

In the wellness community we talk a lot about breath. We meditate, we breathe in, we breathe out, we breathe into our muscles in yoga, and out all of our struggles in therapy. Breathing is central to so many wellness practices and plants are the reason we can do it so freely.  The bushes, trees and grass outside as well as our houseplant friends inside, provide us with our deep breaths in: Oxygen. Some plants filter air better than others, like snake plants and pothos—plus they’re both easy to care for.  

2. Chill as heck aura

Every little thing has a vibe and you definitely get a feeling when you’re near a plant or in nature. Have you ever been in a greenhouse in the middle of winter? The leafy and flowery beings fill us with a joy that can only be provided by plants. The energy coming off of plants gives us a feeling of calm. The presence of plants also improves mood, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress.

3. Literally happy particles in the dirt

Besides those happy vibes, digging in the dirt exposes us to natural anti-depressants. Microbes in the soil work with our physiology in a way that releases stress and makes us happy! Mycobacterium vaccae is the microbe responsible for affecting our serotonin levels while we sow our seeds and plant our herbs. Thanks dirt!

4. Inspiring growth and abundance

Besides the actual GROWTH plants do, they symbolize abundance and can be used in setting your own expansive intentions. In my zine Plant Magic Workbook I talk about different plants that you can use to symbolize certain intentions. A favorite of mine is jade plants (or any succulent) for money spells.

5. Places for humans are places for plants

When you think about all of these amazing qualities of plants you’re like, “okay cool so I CAN and SHOULD indulge my plant obsession.” I’m all for this. However! You need to put them in the right place! Otherwise you’re investing your cash in soon to be sad plant babies. Find out the scientific names of your plants and pay attention to where you place them and if they like it—if you find you don’t have many spaces for plants consider whether your abode is set up for optimal happiness. Once you do those things you should be on the road to a happy and serene plant home.

Once you do those things you should be on the road to a happy and serene plant home. Interested in more plant tips, facts and planty knowledge? Keep up with me on instagram @plantmagicshop, my newsletter, or on