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How (and Why!) to Age Joyfully

Do you ever worry about getting old and feel like your best days are behind you? Women, we see you.

And we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong! Right now, at this very moment, is the best age ever! And we’re not just saying that because we’re trying to convince ourselves of that too. Well, maybe a little…

We know it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that life gets better or easier as you get older, but let’s be real here, every age has its ups and downs. And the age you’re at right now is no exception. Instead of crying in your pillow (guilty!), why not embrace it? Trust me, it’s way more fun that way.

Embracing your age is all about living in the present and making the most of what you have. So go ahead and appreciate the little things in life like the moments of peace and quiet, the laughter of your loved ones, and the beauty of a sunset. Because it’s true that the little things add up to a lot.

Another perk of embracing your age is that you’ll build stronger relationships. You’ll reach out to old friends, spend time with family, and maybe even make some new connections with people who share your interests. Who knows where you may even find a new BFF!

When you embrace your age, you’ll also start to focus on what really matters. You’ll stop worrying about what other people think of you and start pursuing the things that make you happy. So go ahead and resurrect your Xanadu VHS tape, discover needlepoint, or try your hand at pickleball. Fun is how & where you make it!

Need more inspiration? Here are ways to age joyfully and wisely:

  1. Get your daily dose of movement or exercise – there’s truth to the saying, “use it or lose it!”
  2. Exercise your brain – keep your noodle active by learning new things and doing mental gymnastics.
  3. Live a healthy lifestyle – fueling your mind & body gets more important with age, so keep on your nutrition.
  4. Stay social – hold boredom and loneliness at bay by keeping those connections alive and kicking!
  5. Feel good about yourself – age is just a number, and wrinkles are just evidence of a life well-lived. Flaunt your wisdom (and wrinkles) proudly.
  6. Don’t sweat the small stuff – don’t stress over things you can’t control. Just take a deep breath, and ask for help if you need it.
  7. Set goals – because if you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time. Take charge of your life, and make those dreams a reality.
  8. Relax and unwind – because life is too short to be wound up tighter than a jack-in-the-box. Take some time to de-stress and find your zen.
  9. Check yourself before you wreck yourself – because prevention is better than cure. Stay on top of your health, and catch those issues early. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Build your wellness toolkit – as  much as pharma likes to tell us that there’s a simple pill to solve your woes, wellness is more complicated than that. Having a well-stocked toolkit of vetted solutions that work for you is an invaluable resource. Start discovering yours today!

Embracing your age means that you’ll learn and grow. You’ll develop new skills, explore new interests, and discover new passions. You’ll become a better version of yourself, and who doesn’t love an upgrade?

Don’t waste your life wishing you were younger or older or different in some way. Embrace the age you’re at right now, and you’ll discover a world of beauty, joy, and possibility.

Take a deep breath, look around, and appreciate the life you have. It’s a precious gift, and you have the power to make the most of it.

Be well. Stay kind.

Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn’t make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be.

Michelle Yeoh

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