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Angela x Morning Lazziness

We spoke with Neelima of Morning Lazziness about plant-based wellness for women 40+ and the importance of keeping your own cup full.

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From the Morning Lazziness website:

The needs and wants of women often go unanswered, both in the wellness space and health space. My goal was to create natural solutions, with CBD and help them live their life better and keep their cups full.” – Angela Arena.

Kind Lab is a platform that offers women opportunities to maintain their quality of life while trying to fathom that health and wellness priorities alter with time and nature. They provide solutions from ethically sourced plant-based ingredients to problems that haunt your 40+ body and mind to endow you with the life that you deserve.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Angela Arena, the founder of Kind Lab. In this interview, we are covering matters like problems and solutions for women over 40+, the Success story of Kind Lab, and How satisfying are CBD solutions.

How can CBD hemp solutions deliver wellness?

“Hemp is actually an adaptogen and helps your body balance against internal and external stresses. Hemp can balance various systems in your body and improve the quality of your life. 

People often misinterpret calmness as sleepiness, and that’s because they haven’t experienced calmness which is exactly what we seek to deliver for our clients.” – Angela Arena.

The magic formula of CBD rest chews 

“The rest chews are specifically for sleep; they contain CBN as well as CBD. The CBN is another cannabis oil that actually works as a natural tranquilizer; it gives you an additional boost to jumpstart your body and mind to get into that tranquil space where you can fall and stay asleep.

The interesting part is that it also contains magnesium glycinate in it; with newer agricultural practices, we are not getting much magnesium from the soil, and being magnesium deficient can be very similar to having anxiety.” – Angela Arena. 

Our Aim aturally.

“Kind Lab aims to educate people that nature really can work for you” – Angel Arena.