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Angela x Women Road Warriors

Women Road Warriors Podcast

Angela speaks with Shelly and Kathy of the Women Road Warrior podcast about things women can do to prioritize their own wellness and overcome the sadness and stress in their lives.

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From the Women Road Warriors podcast site:

“The days are shorter, colder, and darker. This can cause the winter blues. The holidays are also a tough time for people that can lead to depression during and after the holidays. Women are often subject to depression, especially drivers who are away from their families during the holidays. In this episode of Women Road Warriors, Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro interview Angela Arena, a health and wellness educator who gives tips on kicking depression. She is the owner of Kind Lab. She has a 6-step mood-boosting protocol to help listeners any time they struggle with the blues. Be sure to tune in.”

About the podcast: ““Women Road Warriors” on TNCRadio.Live is hosted by Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro. It’s a lively talk show designed to empower and inspire women in the trucking industry whether they drive short-haul, long-haul, or heavy-haul. It’s really for all women in the trades and it doesn’t hold back! We cover all kinds of topics and feature women champions and leaders from many industries. Shelley and Kathy are fun and informative and any topic is fair game. Kathy is a heavy hauler in the oil fields of Canada where she drives the world’s biggest truck. She is an international motivational speaker who helps women and girls and the author of the popular book Dream Big. Shelley is an experienced broadcast and journalist and the host of The Truckers Network Radio Show on TNCRadio.Live where she interviews celebrities, entertainers and covered all types of topics surrounding trucking and transportation.”