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Motivation for Men: Meet Jim Trick

Jim Trick, wearing glasses

Morbidly obese at 430 pounds, Jim Trick was trapped in a life, body, and mindset from which he thought there was no escape. Here’s his story.

Ice cream, chips, Netflix, booze, YouTube videos and pizza. 

You were rocking it. 

I was too!

Up at 5:30 in the morning. I’d write in my journal, pray and meditate for a bit. 

5-6 times per week I was training full contact Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I had been promoted to blue belt and was working really hard to not get crushed by the newer guys and simultaneously crush the upper ranks. 

Now it’s Ice cream, chips, Netflix, booze, YouTube videos and pizza. 

Well it’s not booze anymore. Thank God I got rid of that in January, and it’s not really ice cream. Well… maybe a little. 

Oh, and sleeping in. My tired eyes haven’t seen 5:30AM in months. 

Bottom line is I’ve reached my limit and instead of waiting for rock bottom, I’m raising my floor. 

Raising My Floor

Raising my floor means I’m not gonna wait until it’s gotten so bad that it’s affecting my life in a major way. 

Are you with me? 

Has that little voice, telling you to put down the cookie and go for a walk gotten loud enough for you to actually put down the cooking and go for a walk?

Well, if it hasn’t, brothers and sisters I’m telling you it’s time. 

Put down the cookie, put a cork in the bottle, get off your phone (after your done reading this post) and let’s get back on track. 

Easier said than done?



Again, yup. 

Most of us find it hard to get back on track because the things that got us off track were emotionally charged. 

To my dudes, I’m gonna talk about feelings. You know, like real men do. Hang in here with me. 

Feelings are powerful and when our feelings are fear, uncertainty and are generally depressing, it makes sense that we would try to numb them. 

Truth is, those feelings are there for a reason and the numbing agents we use to avoid them don’t actually work. 

They might feel good for the moment but not for the long haul. Over time, like rust on a beautiful vintage Chevy, those comforting distractions eat away at our sense of self, our relationships and our mission. 

So if feelings are what get us off track, what brings us back?

For me it’s my values. Those handful of non negotiable, core / foundational values that I’ve built my life on. 

What are yours? 

Many have never done the work to determine what matters most, but for those of us who have we are no longer imprisoned by our feelings. 

Now when we want to make changes in our lives we are able to reflect and determine who we want to be in any given moment and then commit to behaviors that support it. 

What matters most to you?

Who do you admire?

If you could outsource the task of getting back on track to anyone who has ever lived who would it be and what do you imagine they would do?

What is being off track costing you?

Now, what three actual actions could you take this week that would start to move you in the right direction?

You’re not alone and we are in this together.

Jim Trick is a life coach, speaker and author who helps people change what’s possible for their lives, businesses, bodies and relationships. Visit to learn more.