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How to Make Habits Stick

It’s that time of year, when we examine where we are and envision where we want to be. We measure the gap between those two states of ourselves, and make promises to close that gap. In the new year, those promises to ourselves are called “resolutions” and we want to help you keep them.

The secret of your success if found in your daily routine.

Every day, you make small decisions that – over time – define what you do and don’t achieve. That’s why our daily routines are so important. Small changes in your daily routines, habits, and mindset can help you successfully achieve your goals, which gets us started with our first tip:

Keep it simple.

Focus on what’s achievable for you, remembering that a series of small changes add up to big progress over time.

Yes, I’d love to food prep every Sunday night instead of winging it 50% of the week, but is that going to happen overnight? Probably not. So I’ll start by prepping 2-3 days of the week, or breakfasts for the whole week, or some other “stepping stone” goal, and build up from there. Make your progress in steps over time, and you’ll be more likely to stick with it and achieve your end goal.

Do it daily.

Be consistent. Set a trigger or align the habit with something you already do to help you remember, and consider recruiting an accountability partner for added motivation.

Just as hard as it is to break a bad habit, creating a new one takes time, patience, and consistency. Make it easier on yourself by tying your goal habit to something you’re already doing today – for example, when you get home from errands and are putting your coat and keys away, go directly to the kitchen and drink that extra glass of water. Or put your Ease Advanced Cream by your bedside table so you’ll remember to put it on before you turn off the light.

Having someone to check in with is also helpful, and gives you additional reinforcement to keep at it until that habit is stuck. Have a friend who is also an unwilling night owl? Work with her to establish a new sleep regimen and send each other good night texts before it’s time for that Rest Chew and to put your screens away.

Know the benefit.

Even change we want is hard, but YOU DESERVE TO FEEL BETTER. Resolve to prioritize your own health & happiness.

We’ll never stop reminding you of the importance of keeping your own cup full. We’ve been plugging away for years under some very difficult circumstances, and it’s been tough. Whether your goal is to brighten up your new year or kickstart an exercise or nutrition glow up, know that the outcome is a happier and healthier you. And you’re worth it.

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